I use the VIA Character Strengths Edition of the Panda Planner. I have taken the VIA Character Strengths Survey to find out what my top strengths are. I use affirmations each day that focus on my strengths and note what physical exercise I have planned for the day. Then I write down my priorities and what strength I will tap into to accomplish these tasks. Next, I fill in my schedule for the day and list miscellaneous tasks. At night I write the three things that went well that day and the strength I observed in someone else and communicated with them.  

Once a week I take a walk while on the phone with a therapist. This is a self-love walk based on the Hoffman Process. It includes sharing from four aspects of myself, the intellect, emotional, body and spiritual. Next, I repeat the statement “I am committed to loving myself and offering myself compassion”. After connecting with the sky, the horizon, the earth and my breath I affirm, “I commit to being authentic and present. This is followed by stating anything I have done in the past week that has been less than loving. Lastly, I end with “I love my whole self just as I am. I have compassion for myself and all of my moments and experiences of suffering. I love and appreciate my integrated being”.

I schedule regular dates with friends and family to practice listening from my heart using non-violent communication that involves checking in with others about the feelings and needs I hear them communicating. I regularly let others know that I love them. I take responsibility for my feelings and needs and openly communicate them while making requests as a preference rather than a demand. I assume that others are doing the best they can from their level of awareness in the moment and from their perspective. I attempt to ask others about their lives and keep my phone on airplane mode plus “do not disturb” so I can focus on the person in front of me. I attempt to be authentic and vulnerable, sharing myself openly while promoting inspiration for others. 

Strive to improve a little bit each day. Live each moment as if it is your last.