SingingSinging & Playing

Performing music has a calming effect for me. Singing along while I am playing the guitar or autoharp supports my deep breathing which affects my heart rate. When I play together with friends on Zoom in the “song circle” I facilitate, it calms the whole group. My mother sang along with me when I serenaded her, even when she was unable to speak. It brought us both many moments of joy and connection. My mother also inspired me to take piano lessons as a child. After years of not playing, I have a teacher supporting me as I play through my childhood books.


Dancing to music boosts my happiness while increasing my muscle strength and endurance. The movement improves my creative thinking and allows me to express my feelings. During the pandemic, I’ve danced with others on Zoom. I enjoy dancing the waltz, cha cha, rumba, east and west coast swing, night club and country two-step.